About Us

eCommunity Support Network is a social enterprise with a social mission to revolutionize how technology can be used to support people with complex needs, including people with cognitive impairments, attention disorders, acquired brain injuries, FASD and individuals who because of some type of impairment see themselves as marginalized.

eCommunity originated as a result of the founding members interest in maximizing service for people with major cognitive and executive functioning impairments. Utilizing their knowledge in delivering quality community based support services and their interest in technology they have merged the two to create a truly innovative approach to service.

What We Believe

By providing technological solutions with support, people who are otherwise marginalized will be more independent, more self-reliant and be better connected to a community and to the people they care about.

Ideas That Keep Us Focused

It is important for people to belong to a community and have the support they need to contribute to, share in and connect with that community. By allowing people to use technology, in ways they never could before, builds independence and self-resiliency.

We are committed to advocating on behalf of our clients to reduce the barriers of access to technology that enhances their quality of life. Our platforms put individuals in control, allowing their life to be more self-directed, more focused and more connected.

We believe in the power of online social networks to support people who are otherwise socially isolated and disconnected. It’s not about the technology it’s about how it can be used to make a positive impact. Best practices in the delivery of our service ensuring competence, integrity and ethics. Accountability to customers, colleagues, clients, partners and employees to continually improve process, service and outcomes.

Ensuring that staff receive regular supervision and participate in ongoing professional development. Contribute our knowledge and expertise to our community and colleagues to help them better understand how technology can enhance the lives of those they serve.

What We Dream About

Our platforms are the ‘go to’ tools used by people who would otherwise be socially isolated and unable to manage their day to day lives. That treatment providers caring for and supporting people with special needs would embrace technology to support people in their care using our ideas, concepts and training.