eCoach-ICON(RGB)What is eCoaching?

eCoaching is a unique and complimentary service designed to support people who experience difficulties in managing the day to day facets of life. Utilizing the latest in technological advances, eCoaching provides face to face online support through a secure video web cam platform. eCoaching works in collaboration with a person’s support system to maximize each individual’s level of independence, by helping them manage their lives. People have said, “its kind of like having your own personal assistant”. eCoaching services are provided through our highly experienced and personable eCoaches.

These personalized sessions are person centered and tailored to the specific needs of each individual. Perhaps, for one individual attempting to complete school, the meetings focus on helping them to organize, prioritize and plan homework, or complete an essay or even just figure out when and how to study for exams. For another individual the focus could be to help them remember to pay rent and bills, or plan meals that fit within a particular budget. Still for another it may encompass all of the above activities.

Because of the innovative design of eCoaching, the eCoach and individual are able to simultaneously view the schedule of appointments and activities, and make any plans, changes or modifications; all in real time, with real face to face interactions with real strategies.

What is an eCoach?

Our eCoaches are experienced and committed professionals, with backgrounds working with children, youth and adults with complex impairments. The eCoach is the heart of eCoaching and we carefully connect the appropriate eCoach to the needs of each individual. One of the key elements that our eCoaches have specific training in executive functioning and how to support people with issues such as; ADD, ADHD, FASD, cognitive impairments, acquired brain injury and other neuro cognitive impairments.

With clear goal oriented action plans our eCoaches work with our clients and their support system to effectively and professionally implement the client’s goals. Each of our eCoaches come to us with the following: a related university degree or college diploma, expertise in supporting people with complex impairments, expertise in utilizing technology, strong interpersonal and communication skills, and an appropriate criminal reference checks.

To ensure quality assurance standards our eCoaches have direct and frequent contact with the eCommunity Support Network Clinical Director, Dee Sperry.

Our Approach

Sessions are relatively brief, task directed and use a Plan-Do-Review approach to maximize independence and develop effective compensatory strategies. This model is at the forefront of   eCoaching and is supported by research as a best practice. By supporting people with their executive functions, they are then ready to embark on their activities of everyday living. Whether that means planning the activities for day, or reviewing the outcomes of the day, the eCoach will help. Utilizing readily available technology combined with the support of an eCoach individuals are assisted to develop the skills to help them become more self-directed and more self-reliant.

Clients are provided with training on how to use the equipment (Video Platform, iPad, smart phone etc…) and meeting times are arranged with their eCoach. The client and the eCoach work together on developing and maintaining a balanced schedule of activities. These personalized sessions are client centered and tailored to the specific needs of each client. The eCoach and client are able to simultaneously view the schedule of appointments and activities, and make any plans, changes or modifications; all in real time, with real face to face interactions with real strategies.

The costs for this program are surprisingly inexpensive and because the services are provided on-line, services can be provided in any geographic region that has access to high speed internet. So whether the client is in Bracebridge, New Liskard, Dryden or Toronto the service is equally accessible. Each person needs access to a computer and high speed internet. For many people they also would benefit from a device such as an iPad or smart phone. Meetings with e Coaches are very cost effective compared to other services.

Who Benefits From The Service

  • Individuals with difficulty remembering to do all the things they need to do each day
  • Individuals who are in transition and need ongoing support to make that transition successful
  • People who miss appointments or find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time
  • People who need support to coordinate and manage their appointments and their daily life
  • People who have difficulty priorizing and determining next steps in actualizing a plan
  • People who have little access to formal supports
  • People who need help to create lists of tasks and chores to be completed and need someone to check to ensure they were all completed
  • People who need reminders throughout the day to start activities
  • People who have real difficulty with problem solving and need supports to review and consider options
  • Anyone who is overwhelmed and has difficulty developing and following a schedule and routine
  • People who without support would not be able to get ‘projects’ completed
  • People who without just the right support at the right time would not be able to live independently

Benefits to Funder

  • Satisfaction in knowing that your clients are receiving the necessary support to maximize their opportunities.
  • Highly cost effective service. Billing increments for sessions are billed in short, 20 minute intervals ensuring the right amount of service at the right time.
  • By actively managing your client’s schedule and day to day issues we free up valuable staff time to focus on other tasks.
  • Pragmatic coordination is done in a cost effective and efficient manner, saving time/costs associated with travel etc…
  • Accurate reporting of client strengths and impairments with supporting documentation.
  • Provides your clients with permanent cognitive difficulties with a cost effective means of accessing required support.